Japan Fest booth info – California/Natto Rolls, Pastry and Pottery

皆様、今年の10月8日(日)Japan Fest開催まであと二週間半と迫って参りました。今年のブースとステージパフォーマンスについて順次紹介していきたいと思います。

今回ご紹介するのは昨年も大好評だったカリフォルニアロール&納豆ロール、そしてM’s BreadのMayumiさんの菓子パンも同じブースで販売します。


Japan Festは本年もフランクリン高校にて開催されます。是非お立ち寄りください。

Dear all, we only have two and half weeks to this year’s Japan Fest held on Sun, Oct 8.  Let us introduce this year’s booth and stage performance information one by one.

We have a booth for California Rolls and Natto Rolls, last year’s popular items.  As you may know, Natto are fermented soy beans and considered one of the healthiest foods. Moreover, Japanese pastry made by Mayumi of M’s Bread, also last year’s popular items, are sold at the same booth.

At another booth, various Japanese handmade pottery are sold – including but not limited to chopstick rests, small sake cups,  teacups, coffee cups, large plates.

Please come and check these out at Franklin High School on Sun, Oct 8th.


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Message from UWM Japanese Program

(English message follows Japanese)










場所:Curtin Hall 187, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (3243 N. Downer Avenue)




お車でお越しの際はVisitor ParkingもしくはMeter Parkingがご利用になれます。Visitor Parkingについてはこちらをご覧ください。


少し離れた場所になりますが、キャンパスの周りに1 Hour Parkingもございます。









To the Japanese community and those interested in Japan:


We are holding weekly “Conversation Tables”. It is where people who are seeking opportunities to speak in Japanese or English get together and enjoy conversation. We would like to extend a heartfelt invitation to the Japanese people and those interested in Japan. Please join us!

Date: Every Wednesday (September 12 through December 13 except November 22)
Time: 12:00-12:50
Place: Curtin Hall 187, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (3243 N. Downer Avenue)

The campus map is available from this link.


You can park at visitor parking and meter parking around the campus.  See the following link for detailed information about visitor parking.


1 Hour Parking is also available although it is a little further than others.


If you or someone may be interested in joining us, please spread the word or feel free to forward this message. Please contact us at kojima@uwm.edu if you have any questions.  Let us know when you want to unsubscribe from our mailing list. Otherwise, you are welcome to come anytime!

Thank you,

Yuko Kojima

Yuko Kojima Wert(小島祐子)

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Curtin Hall 889

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee



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2017 MJA Japan Fest ボランティア募集


今年のジャパンフェスト (10月8日) まで、あと一ヶ月と近づいて参りました。 入り口での受付や インフォメーション、MJA のブース、など、様々なボランティアが必要になります。 ご協力いただける方は、 こちらのページよりお申し込みください。 中高生のボランティアもウェルカムです。  ご協力ありがとうございます。

Hi everyone, It is almost a month away from Japan Fest 2017. We are looking for volunteers for the event on October 8th (Sun). If you are interested in helping us, please go to MJA website and fill out the form from there. The task will include counting visitors passing out event program, MJA information booth and other miscellaneous.

We look forwards to hearing from you.


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会長をしています高橋です。先日実家のある仙台からアメリカに帰って参りました。今年も実家に滞在している間に震災に関する情報収集活動をし、その中で「公益財団法人 みちのく未来基金」と言う団体を実際に訪問しその活動内容についてお話を聞いて来ました。
以前からミルウォーキー日本人会は南相馬市の災害孤児支援など子どもたちの教育に重点をおいて来ました。その流れを踏襲し、今年は役員全員一致でこの「みちのく未来基金」を支援することに決定しました。主旨をご理解頂き、またJapan Fest 2017が成功するようにご協力よろしくお願いします。


We will support “Michinoku Future Fund” this year.

Hello. This is Shinji, the chairman of Milwaukee Japanese Association. I just came back to the US from my hometown Sendai. Yes, I am from the Tohoku region. While I was helping my parents, I went around as much as I can to collect information about the disasters and the recovery efforts. As a part of my research I visited this organization called “Michinoku Future Fund.” Orphans from the disasters are receiving funds from the public sectors until the 12th grade. This organization is supporting their education for colleges and universities. I heard some have lost both parents. It is a hard time to live on one’s own without college education. Michinoku Future Fund is organized by Calbee, Kagome, Ebara, and Rohto, and 100 % of the donation goes to students. We very much like to see where exactly our money goes. You can also check their financial status on line. It has been 6 years, but the babies who were just born in that year are only 6 years old. This organization is seeking to help them until they graduate from college. Some people have forgotten or lost interest in the disasters. However, those children still need lots of help in the future.
While many organizations simply give away the money, Michimoku Future Fund meets every single student while they are in college at least once a year. I was impressed with their additional psychological support. First year recipients have already graduated, and some of them have turned around to help the future students. As you see on their web page, they have a huge gathering every year, where current college students and graduates gather. I see a good community growing for those who have lost their loved ones.
We have donated mostly for the sake of children’s education, such as Minami-Soma city’s orphans’ fund. The board unanimously agreed to support “Michinoku Future Fund” this year. I hope you will understand our intentions and support them and also support our Japan Fest 2017.
Thank you very much.

Shinji Takahashi

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2017年Japan Fest支援先決定


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2017年Japan Fest開催日決定!

本年のJapan Festは10月8日(日)に開催が決定致しました。ブース出展者、ステージ出演者を募集しております。詳しくはこちらをご参照下さい。

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MJA Japan Fest ブース出展者、ステージ出演者募集

皆様、今年のJapan Festは10月8日(日)に決まりました。ブース出展者、ステージ出演者を募集します。個人、またはグループで、ブースを出してみませんか?

MJA Japan Fest
8222 S 51st St, Franklin, WI 53132

Japan Fest2017の寄付先については、例年通り東日本大震災の被災地に送りますが、具体的な支援先については検討中です。支援先について、ご意見がある方は、お知らせください。


例:たこ焼き屋(MJAでたこ焼き器4台貸し出し可)、お好み焼き屋、おにぎり屋、お惣菜屋、パン屋、ケーキ屋、クッキー屋、和菓子屋、飲み物ブース。そして、手芸屋、民芸品屋、食器屋。その他にもサービス系で、指圧、マッサージ、茶道、華道、書道、タトゥー、浴衣の着付け、着物の着付け 等々、

事前にブース代というものは設けません。しかし、売上の最低30%(材料費を除いた利益の30%ではありませんので、ご注意ください)をJapan Festに寄付していただきます。文化を紹介するようなブースで、売上がない場合は寄付する必要はありません。


応募締め切り:8月25日をブース募集とステージ出演者の締め切りとします。ブース、ステージの内容がJapan Festにふさわしいかどうかは、実行委員会で検討させていただきます。一応8月25日をブース募集の締め切りとしますが、内容が重複することを避けるため、先着順にしたいと思います。ブース出店に興味のある方は、お早めにMJA(milwaukeejapanfestbooth@gmail.com)まで、ご一報ください。詳しい内容、フォーム等をお送り致します。

MJAでは、Japan Festに関する、ご意見ご要望、いつでも受け付けています。皆さん、よろしくお願いします。



Japan Fest 2017 Announcement
Invitation for MJA Japan Fest Booth Vendors and Performers

Time:  Sunday,  October 8th Noon-3:30pm
Place:  Franklin High School  8222 S 51st St, Franklin, WI 53132

Proceeds from the Japan Fest: all proceeds from the event will go to Japan.  This year, we will send to the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011).area.  We are still researching the details of the places to donate.  Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas.

Booth System:  We are looking for individuals and groups who would like to host a booth.
Some examples: Japanese Food booth, Craft booth, Traditional Japanese items booth, Japanese dinner-ware booth, and service booth.

We don’t charge people to host a booth; however we ask to donate to the Japan Fest at least 30% of the gross sales generated in this event. Gross sales is the total amount you received from customer. If you only present something that does’t explicitly sell anything, you don’t need to pay, of course.

Stage performances:  We are looking for performers too. We’d like to have individuals or groups to present Japanese culture like music, dance and martial arts.

Deadline to be booth vendors and performers: August 25th.  MJA Japan Fest planning team will decide booths that will be appropriate for the Japan Fest. In case of too many applications, it will be first come first serve basis.

Please email us if you are interested to hold a booth or perform.  We will send you detailed information and an application form.

2017 Japan Fest Planning Team
Shinji Takahashi, Naomi Bodine,, Yoshiaki Maruko, Yoshiko Maruko, Yoshiharu Oba, Miho Olsen, Jack Takahashi, Miyuki Halloway

MJA Japan Fest Planning Team

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