How You Can Help Earthquake & Tsunami Victims in Japan

Thank you for visiting the Milwaukee Japanese Association website. We are urgently raising funds to assist people whose lives have been severely affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami.

We recommend these options for your monetary support:

Your gift to the American Red Cross will support their disaster relief efforts in Japan. Your generous contribution is greatly appreciated by all of the Japanese Association members. You may make your donation here:

One of the Milwaukee Japanese Association members has joined a medical volunteer team in Japan.  His team is part of the Association of Medical Doctors of Asia (AMDA) and has been providing medical humanitarian relief in Sendai, Miyagi. You can help sponsor this mission and learn more about AMDA here:









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4 Responses to How You Can Help Earthquake & Tsunami Victims in Japan

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  3. Jeanne Edwards says:

    I would like to support the AMDA and your association member who went to assist them, but when I went to the web site, it is based in Japan, so I don’t know how to send them the money. Any thoughts? My heart is broken for Japan.

    • milwaukeejp says:

      Hello Jeanne, thank-you so much for your concern. The AMDA is doing many great things in Japan to help the victims of the disaster. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Other than the account to account transfer that you provided on AMDA web, the best way to help would be to donate via the Red Cross relief effort:

      Thank-you very much!

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