Results of the 3/26 Fundraiser

昨日のFight on! Japan支援イベントへの、参加、協力ありがとうございました。たくさんの方がベークセール、会場ボランティアにも参加してくださり、ミルウォーキー周辺へ住む、日本人が一丸となったすばらしいイベントとなりました。たくさん作って頂いたおにぎり、焼き菓子等は完売、Tシャツもたくさん売れ、義援金もたくさん集める事ができ、大成功をおさめる事になりました。


総収入 $5729.10

募金 $2070.00
Tシャツ $2680.00
ベークセール $979.10


尚、第2回Fight on! Japan支援イベントは5月15日を予定し、只今会場確保等の準備をはじめています。第2回より、継続的な運営に向けて実行委員会の設立を考えています。御手伝い頂ける方、イベントのアイデアのある方を募集しています。また、次回に向けて、がんばりましょう!!!


Thank you so much for attending and helping with the March 26th Japan Earthquake Fundraiser. Dozens of volunteers helped before and during the event. It was a great event and also helped us unite as one big Milwaukee Japanese community. All of the bake sale items completely sold out. We also sold many T-shirts, and collected a lot of funds for the donation.

Here are the detailed results:

Cash Donation: $2070.00
T-Shirt Sale: $2680.00
Bake Sale: $979.10

The total amount raised: $5729.10

All the event fees were donated therefore 100% of the $5,729.10 collected will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross. The venue rental fee was donated by Logemann Community Center. Other costs including T-shirts, printing materials, bottled water, and other misc items were donated by various MJA members.

We are planning for a second event on May 15th. We look forward to seeing everyone again. We will be forming a committee to organize future events. If you are interested in being a part of the team, please let us know.

We hope our efforts will do a small part to help those in distress from this horrible disaster. We need to keep finding ways to help because rebuilding and recovery will be a huge challenge for years to come.

MJA Organizers

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