MJA 11th Golf Outing – May 11th, 2013

English will follow Japanese



日時: 5月11日(土)

集合: 12時30分(第1組ティータイム1時16分)

コース: Edgewood GC Pine Course http://www.edgewoodgolf.com/course/

会費: $50

今シーズンは悪天候でシーズン開幕が遅く、おそらく皆さんもまだゴルフをされていない方がほとんどだと思います。そこで今回は個人戦ではなく、Scramble Gameのチーム戦とさせていただきます。シーズン始めで調子の出ていない方も、もともとゴルフがあまり好きでない方も気楽にチーム戦を楽しんで、会員同士の親睦を深めるため奮ってご参加下さい。

“Scramble Game”のルールを添付しましたのでご覧下さい。 Game & Rules – Scramble (JP)





(414) 322-6899


Dear MJA Members,

Milwaukee Japanese Association proudly invites you to the 11th MJA golf outing.

Date: Saturday, May 11, 2013

Assembly: 12:30pm (1st Tee Time: 1:16 pm)

Golf Course: Edgewood GC (The Pine) http://www.edgewoodgolf.com/course/

Fee: $50/golfer

For this golf outing, MJA introduces the first “Scramble game.” This will be a team competition format instead of individual medal play since the golf season in Milwaukee is starting very slowly this spring and most of MJA golfers would be not in good shape yet. Such team play should be fun and relaxing for all to enjoy the sport of golf without having to worry about any bad shots.

The rule of “Scramble Game” can be downloaded here: Game & Rules – Scramble (EN)

If you are interested in MJA golf outing, please email or call Yoshi Maruko by Friday, May 3 to RSVP.


Tel (414) 322-6899

Best Regards

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