2013 Japan Fest

2013 Japan Fest 祭

Tohoku – Milwaukee

For Their Tomorrow

日時 :9月22日(日)午後12時~午後3時半

場所:Elm Grove Woman’s Club


  • ミルウォーキーフランクリン高校-近年ミルウォーキー近郊の高校の日本語プログラムはどんどん削減されている中、がんばっています。先生からのメッセージを下に載せましたのでご一読ください。

  • Dominic Amatoさん (UW Milwaukee graduate)-震災発生以来毎年自費で東北に行ってボランティア活動を続けています。今年は私たちのイベントのために出発を延ばしてもらいました。イベントでは活動のお話もしてもらいます。こちらもメッセージを下に載せましたので、ご一読ください。



  • サイレントオークション:今年も致します。物品を集めておいて頂けませんでしょうか。

  • ボランティア:ご協力お願いします。

  • クッキー、おにぎり:作ってくださる方、ご協力ください。



  • アニメミルウォーキー:若者たちが参加してくれます。多分お子さんたちには大人気となるでしょう。

  • 内掛け:本物の内掛けをご寄附頂きました。伝統的な結婚衣裳をご披露いたします。モデル募集中で す。男性用もありますので、モデルは男女募集します。ただし身長は女性は165cmくらいまで、男性は175cmくらいまででお願いします。本格的に着付 けをしますので、イベントの前に1日練習し、当日はイベント前からイベント中お着物姿となります。又、複数の希望がありましたら抽選とさせて頂きますので ご了承願います。募集の締め切りは7月31日とさせていただきます。



Japan Fest 祭

Tohoku – Milwaukee

For Their Tomorrow

Sunday, September 22nd 2013

12:00 noon – 3:30 p.m.

at Elm Grove Woman’s Club

Money will be donated to

  • Japanese Program of Franklin High School in Milwaukee: One after another high schools are giving up on Japanese programs. Franklin High School is one of the few in Milwaukee which is still actively running the program. Please read Kania Sensei’s message below.

  • Dominic Amato (UW Milwaukee graduate)-He has been flying every year on his own money since the earthquake to volunteer in Miyagi. This year he postponed his trip to present his volunteer activities at this event. Please read his message below.

Help needed

  • Silent Auction:We will continue our great auction. Please start collecting items.

  • Volunteers:As always, we will need lots of volunteers for various roles

    We will let you know how later.

New events

(Please look at the program at the bottom for details.)

  • Anime Milwaukee:Some of the people who are organizing Anime Milwaukee every year come. Wait and see what fun activities they can bring.

  • Uchikake:We are very fortunate to receive a real wedding kimono and will be demonstrating how it is worn. We also have a formal kimono for male, and we are currently looking for a female model and a male model. Because of the size of the kimonos, the female model has to be no taller than 5’ 5” and the male model has to be no taller than 5’ 9”. As you might know, it takes a lot of time to put on a kimono, especially a female one. So we need a day before the event to practice putting it on, and on the day of the event the models will put on the kimono before the event begins and stay in kimono during the event. If multiple people apply, we will have to decide by lot. The application deadline is July 31st.

Board of Directors


  • Message from Domini Amato

Thank you very much for your financial assistance. I’m a recent UWM graduate in Art and Technology with a minor in Japanese. I studied abroad in Tokyo in the summer of 2010 at the Film Center Tokyo School of the Arts and the Tokyo School of Music.  While studying I visited Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Lake Biwa on a week long vacation. The school and people I met treated me so well that I was sad to leave and felt indebted to them, so when the earthquake happened I was determined to help out. I thought of sending money but I was young and poor so I felt I could help much more by volunteering. I googled volunteer organizations such as Red Cross and a few others before finding All Hands which had volunteers on the ground by late March. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a volunteer and flew to Japan in late May after school was over. There I stayed until mid July which didn’t feel like long enough, so the next summer I volunteered again from June till September with the organization Its Not Just Mud since All Hands no longer had volunteers in Japan. This year I will be returning to help out again with Its Not Just Mud as well as Habitat for Humanity – Japan with a short break to take entrance exams for graduate schools.

  • Message from Richard Kania, Franklin High School

Franklin High School was one of the first high schools in Wisconsin to offer Japanese language classes. The courses  were first developed by Yukio Itoh in 1987. In 1992, Mr. Itoh retired, and in the Fall of 1993, Rick Kania took over the program. For the first twelve years Mr. Kania team-taught with a Japanese teaching assistant.  In 1993 Natalie Hoyer also began teaching Japanese at Forest Park,  Franklin’s middle school.

Currently, the program serves approximately 120 students.  Students can take Japanese 1 at either Franklin High School or Forest Park Middle School. At the High School students can study Japanese all four years they attend. Franklin’s most advanced class, Japanese 5, is articulated through the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh as Japanese 211.

Franklin Public Schools also maintains a sister-school partnership with Niihama Public Schools. Niihama is located in Ehime Prefecture on the Island of Shikoku. Students from Niihama visit Franklin every fall for a one week homestay. Franklin students visit Niihama every other year just after school lets out in June. After the homestay in Niihama, Franklin students tour Hiroshima, Kyoto, and Tokyo for a week before returning home.

The Japanese program at Franklin does face challenges; many people worry that Japanese is too difficult, or that the program might be cut so they are apprehensive about taking Japanese. However, the students , who have taken Japanese at Franklin continue to keep the program strong. In the early 2000’s it was rumored that the Japanese program might be cut, but because students spoke so eloquently in support of the program to the Board of Education the program was spared. Over the years many of Franklin’s students have used the skills they began to develop at Franklin to become Japanese teachers, English teachers in Japan, and business professionals because of their Japanese skills .

Rick Kania

Japanese/ Social Studies Teacher

Wisconsin Association of Teachers of Japanese-Vice President

Franklin High School

Program (temporary)

<On Stage>

  • Guitar (Ichiro Suzuki)

  • Martial Arts Performance

  • Taiko Japanese Drum (Milwaukee Taiko Group “Hibiki”)

  • Report on volunteer work – Dominic Amato (UWM student)

  • Franklin High School Students

  • Kimono Demonstration

<1st Floor: Sale Items>

  • Japanese Restaurant Izumi’s

  • California Rolls

  • Japanese Style Bread – Kazumi Labodda

  • Sweets from Megumichanita – Megumi Garcia

  • Sweets from Patisserie Amber Sky – Miki Laird

  • Homemade Bake sale

  • Onigiri (Rice Balls)

  • Ramune Soda, Bottled Water, and Tea

  • Fundraiser Eco-Bags

  • Sweet Sushi Rolls (Anime Milwaukee)

<1st Floor: Special Presentation>

  • School and Culture (Wisconsin Japanese Teachers Association)

<Ist Floor : Silent Auction>

<Basement: Kid Fair –Ennichi (summer festival style arcade for younger guests)  >

Some of the games cost $1 to play. Some are for free.

  • Water Balloon and Toy Goldfish Fishing (ヨーヨーすくい、金魚すくい)

  • Shape Cutting (かたぬき)

  • Ring Toss (わなげ)

  • Origami

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