University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee




拝啓 春の日差しが感じられるようになりました。皆様には益々ご健勝のこととお喜び申し上げます。

2012年のJapan Festでは大変お世話になりました。皆様のおかげで、UWMでは下記の通り様々なイベントを行う事ができました。

 2013年スピーチコンテスト 7名の学生が出場しました。



 2014年 スピーチコンテスト UWMから10名、Franklin High Schoolから7名が出場しました。





 2014年2月14日(金)アニメミルウォーキーにて上記のスピーチ行い、翌日土曜日には終日様々なセッションを行いました。

 2014年3月9日(日)ウィスコンシン州内で日本語を勉強している高校生を対象にWisconsin Japan Quiz 2014をUWMで行いました。80人以上の高校生が参加してくれました。




ボーグマン 須賀敦子
Dear Milwaukee Japanese Association members,
Thanks to the fund that we received from Japan Fest 2012, we have been able to organize many promotional events.

 The 1st Japanese Speech Contest was held in 2013 and seven UWM students participated.
!. Freshmen Division
1st Place: Peter Grzywacz (Spring and Maple Sirup)

2. Overall Grand prize: Nat Namdokmai (Lost Child)

3. Peter Grzywacz , Ashely Hale, Ashely, and Timothy MacKenzie participated in Chicago Japanese Speech Contest held in March 2013.

 The 2nd Japanese Speech Contest was held in February in 2014 at Anime Milwaukee. 10 UWM students and 7 Franklin High School participated.

1. High School Division
a. 1st Place: Amanda Phil (Similarities between Japan and Korea)
b. 2nd Place: Erika Sertic (Japanese Friends)

2. University Division I for First Year and Second Year Students
a. 1st Place: Kyle J. Cramer (Thank you)
b. 2nd Place: Xing Meng Yu (My Dream)

3. University Division II for Third Year and Fourth Year Students
a. 1st Place: Grant Hussey (Men’s Speech, Women’s Speech)
b. 2nd Place: Christina Schaak (5 minutes to midnight)

4. Grand Prize:Grant Hussey (Men’s Speech, Women’s Speech)

5. Grant Hussey, Christina Schaak, Jeanette Helferrich, and Timothy MacKenzie are planning to participate in Chicago Japanese Speech Contest held in March 22, 2014.

 February 14, 2014: We held the above mentioned speech contest, and the next day we held various sessions regarding the Japanese language and culture.

 March 9, 2014: Wisconsin Japan Quiz 2014 was held at UWM for high school students who are studying Japanese. More than 80 students participated.

The grant money which had been donated was used for the prizes and facility. We very much appreciate your contribution. We promise that it will help greatly to promote Japanese education in Wisconsin.


Atsuko Suga Borgmann
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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