Japan Fest 2014 Event Sponsors

Every year, we are fortunate to have many generous sponsors to support the Japan Fest. Without their help, Japan Fest couldn’t be successful. This year is not an exception. We owe a special “Thank You” to the following:

Toshiba International Corp Power System Divison (https://www.toshiba.com/tic/power-systems)

Kikkoman Foods, Inc. (http://www.kikkomanusa.com/index.html)

Yamato Corporation (http://www.yamatocorp.com)

Nikki America, Inc. (https://www.nikkinet.co.jp/english/)

DIC Imaging Products, USA (http://www.dic-global.com/us/en/about/group/)

Restaurant Izumi’s (http://www.izumis.com)

Nissin Kogyo Co.,LTD. (http://www.nissinkogyo.co.jp/en/)

Milwaukee Career College (http://www.mkecc.edu)

JTB Chicago (http://online.jtbusa.com/Branch/Chicago.aspx)

Japan Fest 2014 Event Sponsors

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