Japan Fest 2016 七・五・三

English message follows Japanese.

今回、Japan Festで七・五・三の着付けを行うことが決まりました。

尚、MJAで、着物とその着付け、写真背景のセッティングは、用意いたします。 写真の撮影は、ご家族でお願い致します。


着付けのスタッフの関係で、今回は、先着5名とさせて頂きます。 応募者がかなり多い場合は、なるべく対応できるように致しますが、ご理解頂きたく存じます。
・お一人 $10
お一人にかかる着付け/ 撮影時間はだいたい15分位になります。


We are happy to announce that we will be able to host “Shichi-go-san” (children celebration) at Japan Fest 2016.
It is easy to have “Shichi-go-san” photo shooting in Japan, but this event now makes it possible while you are in USA.

Please take this opportunity to have your children wear a Japanese traditional Kimono/Hakama and share the pictures with you family!

Please note MJA will prepare for background & kimono wearing, but please take pictures by yourself.   MJA won’t do photo shooting this time.

Due to the limited number of staff and time, it will be first come first serve through application.

Boys- Around age 5
Girls- Around Age 3 or 7
Price   $10 per child
The “Shichi-go-san” photo shooting will be from 1:30pm  to 2:30pm and it will take about 15 minutes per child.
Please fill out the form below by 10/24/2016 and we will confirm via email with more details.

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