Japan Fest -Pastry & Bread

16-04-11-21-34-58-282_decoDo you have a sweet tooth? If so, come to Japan Fest this weekend. Patisserie Amber Sky will offer delicate Japanese inspired cakes, plus Mayumi will be offering homemade Japanese style bread.

At Japan Fest 2016, Patisserie Amber Sky will feature six flavors of the very popular pound cake – Caramel, Caramel Apple (New!), Fruit, Lemon, Sakura Cherry Blossom, and Green Tea. Pound cakes are available in the whole, half cut, and individual slices. In addition, Amber Sky feature the famous Japanese-style strawberry shortcake, rich chocolate sachertorte, and croissant bread pudding – all in individual serving size. These items will be in limited supply so come early to enjoy these special treats.20150828211129

If you haven’t tried Japanese style bread, this is your chance. Japanese bread is wonderfully fluffy and with a touch of sweetness but not too much. Mayumi plans to offer Cream Pan (custard filled buns), Choco Cornet (chocolate custard filled twisty buns), Melon Pan (sweet bread covered in a crispy cookie dough), and Anpan (bean past filled buns). Be sure to stop by early to choose your favorite Japanese bakery items20130717_124439.

Doors open at noon and event ends at 3:30 pm at Franklin High School cafeteria on Sunday, November 6ht. Free admission!

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