Taiko Performance 3-25-17

ブルックフィールドのSharon Lynne Wilson Centerから、Taikoproject というコンサートのお知らせです。

“Interlocking Rhythms: TAIKOPROJECT + Ryutaro Kaneko” will perform March 25, 2017 at 8pm.

Show Description:
The dynamic and powerful TAIKOPROJECT has dazzled audiences for 15 years with its unique contemporary blend of taiko, music, storytelling, and choreography. The first American company to win Tokyo’s International Taiko Contest, the company unites ancient Japanese tradition with 21st-century innovation. Blending TAIKOPROJECT’s groundbreaking aesthetic and youthful energy with the nuanced virtuosity of Ryutaro Kaneko, the former Artistic Director for the world-famous Kodo drummers, “Interlocking Rhythms” is a musical journey like no other taiko show in the world. Besides the raw, primal power of the taiko – an ancient Japanese drumming style, with origins dating back to the sixth-century AD – the artists present a number of new collaborative works, featuring the koto (Japanese harp/zither), yokobue (Japanese bamboo flutes), chappa (Japanese hand cymbals), marimba, and udu (clay pot drum). Tickets are $49-$71. Call 262-781-9520 or go to www.wilson-center.com.

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