UWMからのお知らせ / Announcement from UWM

UWM (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) の日本語プログラムより、日本映画上映及び津軽三味線に関する講義及び演奏のご案内です。

  1. 映画「家路(2014)」上映
    (監督:久保田直、企画協力:是枝裕和、出演:松山ケンイチ、内野聖陽、田中裕子、安藤サクラ 他)
    場所:UWM Student Union Cinema
  2. 映画「かぞくのくに(2012)」上映
    (監督:ヤン・ヨンヒ、出演:安藤サクラ 他)
  3. 津軽三味線に関する講義及び演奏
    場所:UWM Student Union Cinema

本件に関するご質問は、UWMのクイン先生(Dr. Aragorn Quinn: quinna@uwm.edu )にお問合せ下さい。

The Japanese Program at UWM invites you to screenings of “The Road Home (家路)” and “My Family’s Country (かぞくのくに)”. These films probe the meaning of loss of a homeland through the lens of the Fukushima disaster and Resident Koreans in Japan. Neither of these films are commercially available in the United States, and they have received very few screenings outside Japan.

“The Road Home” will be screened on 3/11 at 3:30pm in the UWM Student Union Cinema. Directed by Kubota Nao (with assistance from Koreeda Hirokazu), this film stars Matsuyama Ken’ichi, Uchino Seiyo, Tanaka Yuko, and Ando Sakura. Set in the aftermath of 3/11, this film features on location footage from inside the evacuation zone as a backdrop to a moving story about the meaning of home.

“My Family’s Country” will tentatively be screened on March 27 at 3:30pm, location TBD. Directed by Yang Yong-hi and starring Ando Sakura, this film tells the story of a Japanese-Korean family who is ideologically aligned with North Korea.

Lastly, we will be hosting a very special tsugaru-jamisen concert by Sato Michiyoshi. Concert will be on March 15 at 6pm, with lecture on the art of tsugaru-jamisen at 3:30pm. Both concert and lecture will be held in the UWM Student Union Cinema.

If you have any questions about these events, please contact Dr. Aragorn Quinn of UWM (quinna@uwm.edu).

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