Milwaukee Doyokai Japanese School at Japan Fest



幼児クラスと学童低学年高学年クラス合同の太鼓演奏です。 写真は去年のJapan Festより。





Let us introduce performers from school groups this time.

First, Milwaukee Doyokai Japanese Saturday School will play taiko drum.

Kinder class students (2-5 years old) will play “Okina Taiko (big drum)”.  They just started taiko practice since this September. This is their big moment!!!

Then,Lower and Upper elementary classes (6-11 years old) will play the Taiko song, “Natsu Matsuri” (Summer Festival) Doyokai version.  Many of these students also started taiko this Septemer. Since this class don’t have music every week, they prepared this only in 2-3 classes.  Let see how they will play!

More info about Doyokai here.


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