Shichi-go-san Booth at Japan Fest 2018

MJA ブースでは、七五三の着付けを先着順にて受け付けます。 時間は、1時半より2時半までです。 この機会に、かわいいお着物で写真を撮り、日本の伝統を味わいながら、できた写真を日本のご家族にお披露目してみてはいかがでしょうか? 料金は、1人10ドルになります。ご家の場合は、2人目は5ドルになります。人数に限りがありますので、お早めにお立ち寄りください。


MJA Booth offers “Shichi-go-san” (Seven-Five-Three Ceremony) photo shooting in kimono from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.   It will be $10 per person. 2nd person in same family will be $5 added.

“”Shichi-go-san (standing for the ages of seven, five and three) is a traditional Japanese ceremony celebrating the growth of children and wishing for their continued good health.

Girls celebrate when they’re three and seven years old, and boys celebrate at three and five years old.  Families all dress in kimonos for the Shichi-go-san ceremony at the local shrine.””

Please take this opportunity to have your children wear a Japanese traditional Kimono/Hakama and share the pictures with your family!

Due to the limited number of outfits/time, it will be first come first serve: Please feel free to drop by at our booth at Japan Fest.

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