Japan Fest 2013 Financial Summary

MJA Japan Fest Financial Summary 9/22/2013
Item Income Expense Balance
* Event site rental fee * (450)
Bakery Material Cost 196.00
California Rolls Material Cost 69.82
Copy, Postage, Miscellaneous Expenses 228.32
Silent Auction 1,435.00
Food Cashier 2,468.50
Drinks 187.00
Kid’s corner 185.00
Craft 165.00
Donation at Japan Fest 363.81
Donation by Companies 2,000.00
Total 6,804.31 494.14 6,310.17
* Event site rental fee was paid in the fiscal year 2012. Although the total expenses for 2013 Japan Fest was $944.14,
it was reported as $494.14 in the financial report 2013.
* (会場使用料は2012年度に支払われたため、実際のイベント費用合計は$944.14でしたが、2013年度会計報告でのイベント支出は

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