Japan Fest 2014 寄付先報告 Fundraiser Recipients

恒例となりましたJapan Festも5回目となり、残り一ヶ月となり、準備委員一同ラストスパート体制に入りました。

今年度のFestivalの収益金の寄付先を選定致しましたので、ご報告させていただきます。昨年、一昨年は私たちの将来を担う子供たちを思い、相馬市と南相馬市の震災孤児支援をしてきた流れを受けて、今年度は東日本大震災復興支援財団 (公益財団法人)の中の子供サポート基金を選びました。http://minnade-ganbaro.jp/shien/



 以上の趣旨にご賛同いただきJapan Fest 14を盛り上げていただけることを心より願っております。


We will be holding our annual Japan Fest on Nov 2. It is going to be our 5th one. We have only one month to go and the planning committee is in top gear to make it a success.

This year we have decided to support the following two organizations. We have been helping orphans from the Tohoku Disaster for the last two years, and this year also we would like to help another group of children.. This year we have chosen Great East Japan Earthquake Recovery Initiatives Foundation (http://minnade-ganbaro.jp/shien/ (The site is only in Japanese.)

Two years ago we started to support people in Wisconsin as well, to show our gratitude for their support. We have chosen individuals and organizations promoting the relationship between Wisconsin and Japan, following our mission. This year we chose Wisconsin Association of Teachers of Japanese (WiATJ: https://sites.google.com/site/wiaotoj/home)  The last several years we’ve lost several high school Japanese programs in Wisconsin. WiATJ has been trying hard to revitalize the Japanese programs in Wisconsin by organizing events for the high school students in the remaining Japanese programs. However, WiATJ is run only by the membership fees and is not receiving any subsidies, and it is very difficult to organize such events. We would like to help them revitalize the Wisconsin Japanese programs.

I hope you are in favor of our choices and will make this event a success.

MJA Japan Fest Team