Japan Fest 2015 Program

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November 1st, 2015

from noon to 3:30

at Franklin High School
8222 S 51st St, Franklin, WI 53132
Co-Sponsered by Franklin High School
Supported by Consulate General of Japan at Chicago


Stage Performance

Okinawa Taiko

Okinawa Taiko

12:30 National Anthems (Japan and the US)
12:40 Opening Speech
12:50 Franklin High School and Niihama High School
1:05 Japan Dance Art – part 1 Koyoi no Mai 今宵の狐舞
1:10 Okinawa Taiko from Madison – Anaguma Eisa
1:40 Japan Dance Art – Part 2 Nankin Tamasudare 南京玉簾 and Kawano Nagare no youni 川の流れのように
1:50 Break
2:00 Awa Odori Dance Group from Chicago
2:20 Doyokai Taiko Yagibushi & Video presentation from Doyokai Japanese class
2:40 Milwaukee Taiko Group – Hibiki
3:20 Haiku Presentation and Chorus of Flowers Will Bloom ( 花は咲く ) with UWM Japanese Program Students and Doyokai Students
3:30 Closing Speech, Taking Photos

Taiko Group

Taiko Group “Hibiki” Japan Fest 2014


  1. Yaki-udon, Matcha Latte & Tea 焼きうどん、抹茶ラテ, お茶 by Alverno Sakura Squad
  2. Coffee コーヒー by K&M Coffee
  3. Miso soup, salsa, kimchee, jam, etc 味噌汁、サルサ、キムチ、ジャム by Miho’s Organic Garden Products
  4. Gyudon beef bowl 牛丼 by Izumi’s Japanese Restaurant
  5. California rolls-demo and sale カルフォルニアロール実演販売 by Team California Roll
  6. Eggs 鶏卵 by Dodge County Egg Farm
  7. Drinks 飲み物 by students of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  8. Rice ball おにぎり by students of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  9. Bread パン by Bakery Kazumi’s Japanese Bakery
  10. Mont blanc & macaroonモンブラン & マカロンby Meguchanita, Japanese pastry chef
  11. Strawberry short cake & chocolate cake 苺ショートケーキ&生チョコレートケーキ、フルーツパウンド・キャラメルパウンド・桜パウンド・レモンパウンド by Patisserie Amber Sky, Japanese pastry chef
  12. Matcha & Japanese sweets 抹茶、栗まんじゅう、わらび餅 いちご大福、くるみ大福、抹茶クッキー by Wa 和 -Cafe

En’ niche 縁日(Kid’s Friendly) By Doyokai 土曜会

  1. Takoyaki たこ焼き
  2. Frid Noodle 焼きそば
  3. Curry and Rice カレーライス
  4. Gold fish/Balloon scooping 金魚すくい、ヨーヨーすくい

Culture/Craft Booths

  1. Traditions of Japan & Akita 秋田文化紹介 by by Alverno Sakura Squad.
  2. Kanji T-shirts sale 漢字 T シャツ by Japanese teachers
  3. Tsumami handcrafts, handmade Teddy bears, and pottery sale つまみ細工など by Mayumi & TakaCraft2
  4. Art craft sale  Post cards and art works sale by NortonShigematsu
  5. Kimono sale 着物販売 by students of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
  6. Miscellaneous Japanese items sale 和風雑貨 by the Milwaukee Japanese Association
  7. Kimono fabric crafts sale着物生地の手作りバッグ、小物入れ、箸入
    れ、その他 by K&R Craft Shop
  8. Manga drawing sale イラスト販売 by Aine
  9. Crochet items sale 編み物, アクリルたわし、コースター、髪飾りby Ami-ami
  10. Japanese craft sale 和風手芸品販売 by Misae’s Craft Group
  11. Haiku poetry 俳句 by Milwaukee Haiku Group
  12. Origami&more-Showcase Japan and the JET program by the Japan Exchange & Teaching program
  13. Crafts, games for kids 子供向け小物&ゲーム by Anime Milwaukee

Event Sponsors

Every year, we are fortunate to have many generous sponsors to support the Japan Fest. Without their help, Japan Fest couldn’t be successful. This year is not an exception. We owe a special “Thank You” to the following:

DIC Imaging Products USA, LLCDIC Imaging Products, USA

JTBJTB Chicago

KikkomanKikkoman Foods, Inc.

Milwaukee Career College

logo-nikkiNikki America, Inc.

Restaurant Izumi’s

ToshibaToshiba International Corp Power System Division

logo-yamatoYamato Corporation