2016 Japan Fest Program

Time:  Sunday,  November 6th Noon-3:30pm
Place:  Franklin High School Cafeteria 8222 S 51st St, Franklin, WI 53132

Event poster download here (PDF) and download here (JPEG)

Organized by Milwaukee Japanese Association
Co-sponsored by Franklin High School
Supported by Consulate General of Japan Chicago

Food Booth

  1. izumisramendan1Japanese Ramen by Restaurant Izumi’s レストランイズミラーメン
  2. California Rolls & Natto Rolls sale by Team California Roll カルフォルニアロールと納豆巻きの実演販売
  3. Farm Fresh Eggs by Dodge County Egg Farm 鶏卵
  4. Drinks Sale by UWM Students 飲み物
  5. Rice ball by UWM Japanese Program おにぎり
  6. 20130717_124439Sweets by Patisserie Amber Sky ショートケーキ、キャラメルパウンド、フルーツパウンド、桜パウンド、クロワッサンプディングなど日本風洋菓子販売
  7. Matcha & Japanese sweets by Wa Cafe 抹茶、アイスグリーンティー、栗まんじゅう、わらび餅 いちご大福、くるみ大福、抹茶クッキー
  8. Japanese Style Hotdog, Yakisoba, Curry Rice by Milwaukee Doyokai Japanese School
  9. Miho’s Organic Garden – Homemade Kimuchi, Salsa, Jam
  10. Gaines Smokehouse & Picklery 自家製燻製と漬物のお店
  11. 12185067_1064386883574590_4569831287307891397_oJapanese Bread and Pokemon Go Cookies by 5M’s Fancy and Tasty Shop
  1. More to come!

En’ nichi (Kid’s Friendly) By Doyokai 土曜会縁日

  1. Japanese Style Hotdog 日本風ホットドック
  2. Yakisoba
  3. img_0740Curry rice
  4. Gold fish/Balloon scooping 金魚すくい、ヨーヨーすくい

Culture/Craft Booths

  1. Art works sale by NortonShigematsu
  2. Kimono sale 着物販売
  3. Miscellaneous Japanese items sale including Pokemon Go items by the Milwaukee Japanese Association 和風雑貨
  4. 14692027_1314000575279885_441728605651602506_oKimono fabric crafts sale by K&R Craft Shop 着物生地の手作りバッグ、小物入れ、箸入
  5. Manga drawing sale by Aine イラスト販売
  6. Japanese Handmade Craft Sale by Misae’s Craft Group 和風手芸品販売
  7. Displaying 2016 Japan Fest Haiku Competition’s Haiku by Milwaukee Haiku Group 俳句
  8. Origami & more – Showcase Japan and the JET program by the Japan Exchange & Teaching program 折り紙とゲーム
  9. Art Crafts made locally in Tohoku Region by Project Love All 東北地方工芸品販売
  10. Handmade Jewelry and Accessories by 5M’s Fancy and Tasty Shop イヤリング、革製小物などnortonshigemats-flower
  11. Silent Auction – JAL Round Tickets from Chicago to Japan
  12. More to come!

Stage Performance

  • 12:15pm US National Anthem by Franklin Students, Japanese National Anthem by Milwaukee Doyokai Saturday Japanese School
  • 12:25pm Doyokai Student Performance
  • 12:40pm Opening Speech
  • 12:50pm Chicago Koto Group
  • 1:20pm Okinawa Taiko Anagram ElisaAnaguma Eisa Group Photo - 2015 Asia Fest [Square]
  • 1:40pm Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors Part 1
  • 1:45pm Nihama Junior High School
  • 2:00pm Carthage College Japanese Program愛の歌
  • 2:15pm Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors Part 2
  • 2:20pm Awa Odori
  • 2:35pm Auction
  • 2:45pm Japanese Taiko Group Hibiki
  • 3:25pm Closing & Group Photo
Proceeds from the Japan Fest 寄付先

Milwaukee Taiko Group Hibiki

Japan Fest2016の売上は南三陸町の震災復興支援(http://www.town.minamisanriku.miyagi.jp/index.cfm/6,204,73,html)と熊本地震で被害を受けた熊本市(https://www.city.kumamoto.jp/hpKiji/pub/detail.aspx?c_id=5&id=12552)に送ることになりました。支援先について、ご質問がある方はお知らせください。

More than 30% of each booth’s total revenue and all of MJA’s net proceeds from the event will be donated to help the disaster relief efforts in Japan.  We will be supporting the people affected by Kumamoto Earthquake disaster (https://www.city.kumamoto.jp/hpKiji/pub/detail.aspx?c_id=5&id=12552) and the Great East Japan Earthquake (http://www.town.minamisanriku.miyagi.jp/index.cfm/6,204,73,html).

Event Sponsors

Toshiba International Corp Power System Division
Yamato Corporation
Nikki America, Inc
Nissin Brake Ohio, Inc
Sumitomo Electric Carbide Manufacturing, Inc.

Restaurant Izumi’s
DIC Imaging Products USA, LLC
DIC Imaging Products USA
Kikkoman Foods, Inc
IACE Travel