2017 Japan Fest Program

Date:  Sunday,  October 8th, 2017
Time: 12:00pm – 3:30pm
Venue:  Franklin High School Cafeteria – 8222 S 51st St, Franklin, WI 53132

Organized by Milwaukee Japanese Association
Co-sponsored by Franklin High School
Supported by Consulate General of Japan Chicago

Food/Drink Booth

  1. California Rolls & Natto Rolls カリフォルニアロール、納豆巻き
  2. M’s Bread 菓子パン
  3. UWM Japanese Culture Association ソーダ類、スイーツ
  4. Onigiri-Ya UWM Japanese Program (Rice balls for sale) おにぎり、おにぎらず
  5. Patisserie Amber Sky 焼き菓子、生菓子
  6. Wa 和 Cafe 和菓子、抹茶、アイス緑茶

Mixed  Booth

  1. Doyokai Japanese Saturday School 縁日(カレー、焼きそば、お茶、ヨーヨー釣り)
  2. Fundraiser for Madison Japanese School クッキー、クラフト、どんぶり
  3. Maiko & Ariel’s Stand アクセサリー、菓子
  4. Japanese Ramen Noodle Resale ラーメン(冷凍)
  5. Milwaukee Japanese Association 子供浴衣の着付け、卵販売

Culture/Craft Booth

  1. Project Love All  東北グッズ
  2. Japanese Flea Market 雑貨
  3. 3 DVRG Western Chopsticks Mine 手作り箸、金魚
  4. Origami 折り紙
  5. Apron-Ya エプロン
  6. Misae’s Handicraft Club 和風手芸品
  7. Milwaukee Haiku Group  俳句
  8. Origami & more by JET program 折り紙とゲーム
  9. Anime Milwaukee アニメ
  10. KawaiiAine アニメ
  11. Kanji T-shirt Sale 漢字Tシャツ
  12. Kimono Sale 着物
  13. Japanese Pottery Sale 陶芸品

Stage Performance

  • 12:10pm US/Japan National Anthems
  • 12:20pm Opening remarks & Tohoku reconstruction Update (Shinji Takahashi)
  • 12:35pm Doyokai Japanese Saturday School presentation
  • 12:55pm Piano (Zaiya Takahashi, Chiba Prefecture)
  • 1:05pm Kendama (Whitefish Bay High School Kendama Club)
  • 1:15pm Trombone & Piano  (Megumi Kanda & Fumi Nishikiori)
  • 1:30pm Flute, Song and Dance (Carthage College Japanese Program)
  • 1:50pm Rock, Paper, Scissors GameAnaguma Eisa Group Photo - 2015 Asia Fest [Square]
  • 1:55pm Okinawan Taiko (Anaguma Eisa)
  • 2:10pm Karate (East West Connection Martial Arts & Wellness)
  • 2:30pm Kabuki Style Japanese Dance (Wazaogiza)
  • 2:50pm Auction Results (JAL round-trip air tickets to Japan)
  • 3:00pm Milwaukee Taiko Group (Hibiki)
  • 3:25pm Closing Remarks


Japan Fest 2017の各ブースからの30%以上の売上及びスポンサーからの寄付金は運営費を控除し、公益財団法人みちのく未来基金に寄付致します。イベント後に収支報告致します。

More than 30% of each booth’s total revenue and donations from sponsors deducting expenses will be donated to The Michinoku Future Fund this year. After the event, we will report the financial.

Event Sponsors

Kikkoman Foods, Inc.

Komatsu Mining Corp.
Nikki America, Inc
Japan Airlines
Nissin Brake Ohio, Inc
Sumitomo Electric Carbide Manufacturing, Inc.
DIC Imaging Products USA, LLC
DIC Imaging Products USA
 Thank you for your support!