2018 支援先/Donation Recipients

今年度の支援先について/Donation Recipients

1)「公益財団法人 みちのく未来基金」http://michinoku-mirai.org/







2)Japan Bowl® 全米大会出場者参加支援

Japan Bowl® (http://www.japanbowl.org/) はワシントンDCの日米協会が毎年開催している高校生のためのクイズ形式の大会です。1チーム3人で、日本語のみならず歴史や伝統文化、その上現代のポップカルチャーなどの難問にチャレンジします。各地の州大会を勝ち進んだ高校生は4月のワシントンでの桜祭りの時期に合わせて行われる全国大会での優勝を目指します。ウィスコンシンでも州大会が行われていますが、優秀な成績を修めても渡航費を捻出しなければ参加できません。



At the committee meeting held on Friday, June 29, 2018, Milwaukee Japanese Association decided to support the following

1)      “Michinoku Future Fund” http://michinoku-mirai.org/en/index.html

We will continue to support this organization following last year. The following explanation is mostly the repetition of last year’s.

Orphans from the disasters are receiving funds from the public sectors until the 12th grade. However, it is very hard to make ends meet with just a high school diploma. There are some public sectors offering “shogakukin” which is roughly translated as “scholarship.” However, most of them are not gifted to students. They borrow with a lower or no interest rate, but they will certainly need to pay it back. Michinoku Future Fund is organized by Calbee, Kagome, Ebara, and Rohto. These companies pay for the running cost, and 100 % of the donation goes to students. We very much like to see where exactly our money goes. You can also check their financial status on line at http://michinoku-mirai.org/zaimu.html (Unfortunately it is available only in Japanese).

It has been 7 years, and the babies who were just born in that year are only 7 years old. This organization is seeking to help all of them until they graduate from college. Some people have forgotten or lost interest in the disasters. However, those children still need lots of help in the future.

While many organizations simply give away money, Michimoku Future Fund meets every single student while they are in college at least once a year with its psychological support in mind. First year recipients have already graduated and started working. Some of them have turned around to help the future students. As you see on their web page, they have a huge gathering every year, where current college students and graduates gather. You can see a good community growing for those who have lost their loved ones at such young ages.

2)      National Japan Bowl® participants.

The Japan Bowl® is a quiz competition for high school students held in Washington D.C. organized by The Japan-America Society of Washington. It is a team competition, and one team consists of three students. The subjects cover not only the language but even the modern culture as well as the history and traditional culture. Those who topped the regional competitions head every year in April to Washington DC in time for National Cherry Blossom Festival. Wisconsin holds a regional competition annually. However, those who top may not be able to go to Washington DC because of a financial reason.

We will support one team of three high school students and a high school teacher with their travel expenses, lodgings, and meals up to $2,000 total.

I hope you will understand our intentions and support them and also support our Japan Fest.