Taiko Performance 3-25-17

ブルックフィールドのSharon Lynne Wilson Centerから、Taikoproject というコンサートのお知らせです。

“Interlocking Rhythms: TAIKOPROJECT + Ryutaro Kaneko” will perform March 25, 2017 at 8pm.

Show Description:
The dynamic and powerful TAIKOPROJECT has dazzled audiences for 15 years with its unique contemporary blend of taiko, music, storytelling, and choreography. The first American company to win Tokyo’s International Taiko Contest, the company unites ancient Japanese tradition with 21st-century innovation. Blending TAIKOPROJECT’s groundbreaking aesthetic and youthful energy with the nuanced virtuosity of Ryutaro Kaneko, the former Artistic Director for the world-famous Kodo drummers, “Interlocking Rhythms” is a musical journey like no other taiko show in the world. Besides the raw, primal power of the taiko – an ancient Japanese drumming style, with origins dating back to the sixth-century AD – the artists present a number of new collaborative works, featuring the koto (Japanese harp/zither), yokobue (Japanese bamboo flutes), chappa (Japanese hand cymbals), marimba, and udu (clay pot drum). Tickets are $49-$71. Call 262-781-9520 or go to www.wilson-center.com.

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Photos from Japan Fest 2016

We have uploaded the photos from Japan Fest 2016 here.


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Japan Fest 2016 – Thank you!!


dsc_106711月6日の Japan Fest 2016 には昨年を上回る約870名の方々にお越しいただき、無事終了することができました。お忙しい中ご来場していただいた皆様、ボランティアの皆様、本当にありが とうございました。フランクリン高校での開催も2回目となり出展などで参加される方も増え、心強く感じております。初めてご来場頂いた皆様からたくさんお褒めのお言葉を頂きこれからの励みとさせて頂きたいと思います。dsc_0956

企業からいただいた寄付金とブース寄付金等から経費を差し引いた最終収支は$6,617.79となりました。$3,000ずつ南三陸震災復興寄附金と熊本市へ寄付させていただきます。詳細につきましては当ホームページのJapan Fest 2016にありますFinancial Report をご覧ください。

Japan Fest 2016の終了結果のご報告と共に、皆様方のご支援に重ねて御礼申し上げます。

MJA 役員一同


Thank you for coming, volunteering and supporting our annual event. We had about 870 visitors this year, much more than last year. It was a great success! This was our second time to host Japan Fest at Franklin High School. We are very happy and proud to have more booths and more people on the stage. dsc_1037

The total of the donation after deducting the expenses was $6,617.79. We will donate Minami Sanriku cho and Kumamoto Prefecture $3,000 each. For details, please refer to “Japan Fest 2016 Financial Report” on our site.

This event would not have been possible without tireless effort from Kania sensei of Franklin High School and the school staff. We would like to thank the school district of Franklin for kindly letting us use their facility again this year.

MJA Board Members

dsc_1067 dsc_0994

dsc_0978 dsc_0937

dsc_0932 dsc_0918

dsc_0928 dsc_0946

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Japan Fest 2016 – See you tomorrow!

It’s ONE day to go! Are you ready? See you all tomorrow at Franklin High School Cafeteria at Noon. Come early but not too early, daylight saving time ends tomorrow.

Take a peak at the Floor Plan (PDF) so you can find your favorite vendor booth. The print out of the floor plan is also available at the reception tomorrow.

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Japan Fest – Sponsors

We are very fortunate to have many generous sponsors to support Japan Fest 2016. Only with their help can Japan Fest continue to be so successful. We offer a special “Thank You” to the following sponsors:

Japan Airlines
Toshiba International Corp Power System Division
Yamato Corporation
Nikki America, Inc.
Nissan Brake Ohio, Inc
Sumitomo Electric Carbide Manufacturing, Inc
Restaurant Izumi’s
DIC Imaging Products USA
Kikkoman Foods, Inc.
JTB Usa, Inc
IACE Travel

Important! Japan Airlines has sponsored a special silent auction opportunity. To learn more and participate in the JAL silent auction follow this link:


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Japan Fest – Norton Shigematsu

nortonshigemats-flowerCome join us to experience the beauty of Sumisaiga ink-wash painting and Japanese calligraphy at Franklin High School Cafeteria on November 6th (noon)!

Cole, an artist and art educator at The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD), will paint a beautiful flower and Aki will write your name or the name of someone important for you, in Japanese.

Please stop by the Norton Shigematsu booth and ask them about this beautiful, personalized artwork. They will be happy to share their knowledge and love of art with you!

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Japan Fest – Rock Paper Scissors Game

Test your luck and skill with the easy to learn, hard to master game rock-paper-scissors (jan-ken). For a $1 donation we invite you to challenge our distinguished MC, Jack Takahashi, to jan-ken for a chance to win prizes and have some big laughs. This is sure to be fun and the money raised will go to support our good causes. The games well be held at approximately 1:40 pm and 2:15 pm near the stage.  Janken pon!

To check out other performance times, please check the event program.


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